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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Development of pulmonary fibrosis in mice during infection with Paracoccidioides brasiliensis conidiaRestrepo Moreno, Ángela; S. Restrepo; A. Tobon; J. Trujillo
1997Electrophoretic Karyotype of Clinical Isolates of Paracoccidioides brasiliensisMontoya, Astrid E.; Moreno, Maria Neifer; Restrepo Moreno, Ángela; McEwen, Juan Guillermo
1966La prueba de inmunodiffusion en el diagnóstico de la paracoccidioidomicosisRestrepo Moreno, Ángela
1972Comparison of two culture media for primary isolation of paracoccidioides brasiliensis from sputumRestrepo Moreno, Ángela; Correa R., Ivonne
1962A review of medical mycology in Colombia, South America, including presentation of 309 original cases of various mycosesRestrepo Moreno, Ángela; Calle Vélez, Gonzalo; Sánchez Arbeláez, Julio; Correa González, Antonio
1970Étude des anticorps précipitants dans la blastomycose sud-américaine par l’analyse immunoélectrophorétique des antigenes de Paracoccidioides brasiliensisRestrepo Moreno, Ángela; Drouhet, E.
1970Serologic procedures in the diagnosis of paracoccidioidomycosisRestrepo Moreno, Ángela; Moncada F., Luz H.
1969Effect of hydrogen ion concentration and of temperature on the growth of paracoccidioides brasiliensis in soil extractsRestrepo Moreno, Ángela; Moncada, Luz H.; Quintero, Mariela
2001Paracoccidioidomycosis in Colombia: an ecological studyCalle, D.; Rosero, D. S.; Orozco, L. C.; Camargo, D.; Castañeda, E.; Restrepo Moreno, Ángela
1981Recovery of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis from a partially calcified lymph node lesion by microaerophilic incubation of liquid mediaRestrepo Moreno, Ángela; Bedout de, C.; Cano, L. E.; Arango, M. D.; Bedoya, V.